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Unraveling the Mystery & History of Rickhouses

Unravelling the Mystery & History of Rickhouses This year’s Kentucky Bourbon Affair featured a special event hosted by Heaven Hill; Bluegrass Terroir: The Mystery & History of Heaven Hill’s Rickhouses. Fortunate whiskey-lovers rode alongside historian and author Michael Veach and Master Distiller Denny Potter. As they traveled to 3 of our historic rickhouses, Veach pulled […]

One Distillery. Every Type of American Whiskey

One Distillery. Every Type of American Whiskey Here at Heaven Hill Distillery, we’ve devoted ourselves to the craft of fine American whiskey for over 80 years. From Single Barrel to Bottled-in-Bond, from Small Batch specialties to limited-edition collections, our Master Distillers are passionate about one thing: preserving America’s rich traditions of whiskey-making for all to […]

Father’s Day Custom Label

Father’s Day Custom Label As we approach Father’s Day, we at Heaven Hill Distillery want you to know how important family is to us. And we want to make this Father’s Day that much more special for you and Dad. For a limited time, you can order an Elijah Craig Small Batch bottle label that […]

American Whiskeys: Find Your Style

American Whiskeys: Find Your Style As the only heritage distiller that features every major category of American whiskey, we want to share a little of that knowledge with you, and maybe help you find the right whiskey for your style along the way. BOURBON: A true Bourbon must age for at least two years in […]

Evolution of Bourbon Part 5

Evolution of Bourbon Part 5 Welcome to Part 5 of our Evolution of Bourbon. To end our series, we jump to right after World War 2 when Bourbon is starting coming out of favor. This leads to the creation of Small Batch and Single Barrel Bourbons in the 1980’s. Make sure you check out the […]

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