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Premium whiskey is never just premium whiskey. It’s generations of history. It’s passionate people. It’s the story of trial, error, success, failure, and journey, and understanding every step

The Magic Of The Barrel

Whiskey gets all its color and about 60 percent of its flavor from its stay in a charred oak barrel. That long transformation from clear distillate to delicious amber may seem simple—after all

2018 Parker’s Heritage Collection

Over his half-century career as Heaven Hill Master Distiller, Parker Beam oversaw production of much of what became our current 1.4-million-barrel

The Farmer’s Story

In 1964, Bourbon was declared “America’s Native Spirit” because of its long tradition and deep-rooted legacy in the country. It’s a legacy that stemmed from America’s earliest farmers, and it’s a

Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2018

Heaven Hill Honored At Kentucky Bourbon Festival The 27th annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival (KBF) took place this month in Bardstown, Kentucky, and we were honored to participate in several events with the 50,000 visitors who gathered in the Bourbon Capital of the World for a week of celebration. We’ve been privileged to be part of […]

The 3 Families Behind Grain To Glass

The phrase, “family business,” evokes a broad range of meanings: pride in heritage, dedication to a longstanding craft, and the adherence to core values that direct how the business, and the family behind it, operate.

Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month

It’s time to celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month. Some may say this liquid treasure is undeserving of such recognition, but with open ears, they eventually understand its deep-rooted significance in American history.

Kentucky Bourbon Hall Of Fame

We’re honored to announce that Heaven Hill President Max Shapira has been inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame and awarded the prestigious Parker Beam Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bartender of the Year Results

2018 Bartender of the Year Crowned We are so excited to congratulate our 2018 Bartender of the Year, Harrison Ginsberg from The Dead Rabbit in NYC. His Rittenhouse Rye-based cocktail, named “Seed Saver,” featured Domaine de Canton, Scotch, Apricot, Toasted Rice Green Tea, Pineapple, and Lemon, and helped him beat out hundreds of the country’s […]

Heaven Hill’s Grain To Glass Project

3 Family Businesses And The Latest Whiskey Venture Our Bardstown rickhouses have played a crucial role in our whiskey-making process, but an equally-intriguing stage of our Bourbon process has taken root right across the street. Last year we planted seeds at a family-owned farm across the street from our rickhouses in Bardstown, KY. The seeds […]

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