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Bardstown Whiskey Society Has Moved

Bardstown Whiskey Society Has Moved Looking for the Bardstown Whiskey Society? You may have noticed that visiting the Bardstown Whiskey Society website now brings you here to Heaven Hill Distillery. The reason? We’ve made Bardstown Whiskey Society a part of Heaven Hill Distillery. We’re proud of the spirits we’ve crafted and we’re eager to share […]

Watch Our Newest Rickhouse Being Built in 4 Minutes

Watch our newest rick house being built in 4 Minutes Construction on our newest rickhouse in Cox’s Creek took about five months, but you can watch the entire process here in less than four minutes. Let’s all raise a glass to modern technology!

Introduction to Cocktails

Introduction to Cocktails Join Lynn House, National Brand Educator for Heaven Hill, as she teaches you everything you need to know to create delicious classic whiskey cocktails

Evolution of Bourbon Introduction

Evolution of Bourbon Introduction Welcome to the Evolution of Bourbon! This is a 5 part video series about of how Bourbon became what it is today, or as we like to call it, The Evolution of Bourbon. Each video tells a story about a particular time period and what people were drinking during that time […]

Discover Our American Whiskey


You've heard of Evan, Elijah, and Larceny. Now discover our entire American Whiskey portfolio.