Premium whiskey is never just premium whiskey.

It’s generations of history. It’s passionate people. It’s the story of success, failure, and journey, and understanding every step of that journey makes the whiskey that much more satisfying.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our Grain to Glass website.

The interactive site allows you to follow along as we explore the craft, discipline, and wisdom behind American Whiskey production. It opens a window that lets you see exactly what’s going into your glass and educates you about every step of the process.

Watch how we leverage generations of tech advancements to discover the best seeds to grow in our region of Kentucky. See how we utilize our long-standing partnerships to collaborate with the most passionate seed suppliers, farmers, and cooperages. Join us as we conduct regular tastings and record successes and failures.

You’ll learn about the specific seeds we sourced for this project and the mashbills we created to best utilize the grains. You’ll meet the people and the families we collaborated with. You’ll see how we source oak for our barrels and learn about our distillation and aging process.

There’s a multitude of uncontrollable factors that can make or break a Bourbon, but there are factors that we can control, and it’s only fitting that we show you exactly what those factors are, how we can control them, and how they affect the final product.

In that sense, you can say that this journey is a reward, but if all goes according to plan, there’s also a great tasting batch of Bourbon waiting at the end of the path.

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