Enjoying all things American Whiskey at this year’s “Bourbon Fantasy Camp”

Each June, enthusiasts from all over the world gather for The Kentucky Bourbon Affair—a deep dive into America’s native spirit held in the heart of Bourbon Country. The KBA, which has been lovingly nicknamed “Bourbon Fantasy Camp,” invites fans to experience Bourbon in all forms and fashions at a series of events hosted by participating Kentucky distilleries.

Larceny Barrel Proof Barrel Selection

Heaven Hill Distillery kicked off the week in Bardstown, KY with a special barrel selection of Larceny Barrel Proof. On June 4th and 5th, Bourbon fanatics convened at our Deatsville rickhouse campus to appraise Larceny Barrel Proof, enjoying a behind-the-scenes tasting of a whiskey not typically available. Guests sampled hand-selected barrels of Larceny Wheated Bourbon pulled from a variety of floors among three different rickhouses. Throughout the tasting, participants learned how the conditions and location within each rickhouse floor influence an individual barrel, resulting in a different color, nose, taste, and finish of the whiskey inside. After the tasting, guests received a commemorative KBA bottling of their personal favorite barrel, at full barrel proof and without chill filtration.

Whiskey Mix & Mingle: Find Your Perfect Match!

On the evening of June 6th, Bourbon Fantasy Campers joined Heaven Hill at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience to prove their palates through a blind taste test of traditional American Whiskey styles. This tasting experience took guests through the five major styles of American Whiskey, challenging participants to identify the various styles and ages of traditional Bourbon, wheated Bourbon, wheat whiskey, rye whiskey, and corn whiskey. In addition to testing their whiskey knowledge, guests were welcomed with cocktails and appetizers at the bar ON3 with Mixologist Karla Plott and enjoyed an intimate dinner in the Speakeasy. During dinner, the results of the blind taste testing were announced, with prizes awarded to the first, second and third place winners.

The week resulted in a series of successful sold-out events, and, as always, the distillery has more in store for next year. Make sure to keep an eye out for Heaven Hill Distillery events at the 2020 Kentucky Bourbon Affair for a chance to attend these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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