A 3D Tour Of Our Bernheim Distillery

Just west of downtown Louisville sits Heaven Hill’s Bernheim Distillery—the only heritage distillery to produce every major style and type of American Whiskey, with five signature mashbills.

The process may seem simple. Expert knowledge is combined with grain, water, and yeast.

But there’s so much more to it.

To meet the demand of Bourbon fans, the Bernheim distillery operates nonstop around the clock, seven days a week to produce around 73,000 gallons of new make whiskey daily.

It’s a fascinating process that involves truckloads of grain, eight silos, three hammer mills, mashtubs, mash coolers, fermenters, copper stills, “distiller’s beer,” a contraption known as a “thumper,” and the “try box,” where we monitor quality. Also in the mix is the famous Kentucky Limestone Water and our proprietary yeast strain that give our whiskeys their signature flavor and distinct character.

And all this before it sees a rickhouse.

Creating 1,500 53-gallon barrels of America’s finest Whiskeys a day is an amazing and impressive operation you have to see to believe. And now, you finally can.

Just like our real-world distillery, the 3D version operates online 24/7 and lets you explore the ins and outs of the Bernheim distillery virtually and at your own pace, to discover even more details of what goes into every bottle of exquisite American Whiskey that Heaven Hill makes. Come experience the process for yourself.


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