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Holiday Gift Guide for Bourbon Lovers

The truth is, any Bourbon fan would be delighted to unwrap a bottle of American Whiskey this holiday. While there’s nothing wrong with simply sharing the spirit itself, we’d like to recommend some well-matched “plus-up” items that can help turn a whiskey into the most memorable gift of the season.

Stouts Aged in Heaven Hill Barrels are Back for 2019

For fans of American craft beer, few bottles garner as much excitement and anticipation as Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stouts. Released on the Friday following Thanksgiving, these special barrel-aged brews are some of world’s most highly regarded dark ales, often inspiring beer enthusiasts to line up the night before for a chance to take a few bottles home.

Big Transformation at Our Visitor Center

In fall of 2018, Heaven Hill Distillery proudly unveiled plans to renovate and expand the Bourbon Heritage Center, our visitor experience in Bardstown, Kentucky. This multi-year project will result in brand new, state-of-the-art immersive experiences, tours, and

Heaven Hill 7-Year-Old Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon

Heaven Hill President Max Shapira has a lot of positive things to say about his father, Ed. As one of the original founders of Heaven Hill Distillery, Ed taught Max about Bourbon, running a family-owned business, and how to mature into a person of character.

Bottled-In-Bond Lets You Taste What Still Matters

Quick: Name one law you really like. Can’t think of even one? Not surprising—unless you’re a fan of distilled spirits. We know one you’ll love if you don’t already: the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. This legendary legislation is a statute, a standard and a story—all in one.

Our Championship Barrel Rolling Team

Each day, Heaven Hill Distillery pulls more than 1,000 whiskey barrels that have met peak maturity and transports them to our Bardstown headquarters to be readied for bottling. In their place, newly-filled barrels are brought in and, at least in those particular locations, the aging process begins anew.

The Crucial Partnership Between Distilleries & Cooperages

For most people, the centuries-old practice of barrel making isn’t well understood. Fewer still know much about cooperages, the businesses that make those liquid-tight wooden casks that give whiskey all its color and most of its flavor. With only a handful of cooperages in the U.S., and just a fraction of those offering tours, chances to learn much about them are limited.

Introducing Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon

Heaven Hill Distillery is proud to announce Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon, the first line extension of Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The Small Batch Bourbon will be released three times per year, with the first offering shipping in January 2020.

Big Wins at Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2019

As a part of National Bourbon Heritage Month, the third week in September marked the 28th annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival (KBF) in Bardstown, home to the biggest names in Bourbon. Since its earliest years, Heaven Hill Distillery has proudly sponsored several of the festival’s most notable events

What’s New with Grain to Glass?

Now in year three, we’re finally getting a taste Three years ago, Heaven Hill Distillery embarked on one of the most ambitious projects in our eighty-plus year history: Grain to Glass. To continually innovate and create one-of-a-kind whiskeys that only we can produce, we returned to the most fundamental element of the production process: the […]

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