Supporting the Front Lines During the Pandemic

Heaven Hill Distillery is proud to be dedicating part of our operations facilities to the production, bottling, and donation of hand sanitizer. Over the last several weeks, we have made nearly 100,000 liters of sanitizer and are energized to keep this effort going to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

Distilleries and beverage producers are stepping up, as they are especially well-positioned to help with this critical need, and Heaven Hill is honored to be able to leverage our industry knowledge, equipment, and staff to aid our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our procedures are authorized and follow all FDA guidelines and proper sanitation protocols to keep our employees safe and protected.

Jeff Crowe details Heaven Hill Distillery’s hand sanitizer commitment

The process works like this: grain is fermented and distilled, and the resulting neutral grain spirit is brought into our Bardstown, KY facilities, including the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Downtown Louisville, where it’s combined with water, glycerine, and hydrogen peroxide, and then bottled and labeled. All the sanitizer is donated to first responders, healthcare facilities, and high-risk populations through our participation in #TeamKentucky —a collective partnering with distillers throughout Bourbon Country to distribute this essential product.

Furthermore, sanitizer is also being produced and bottled across other facilities owned by our parent company, Heaven Hill Brands, in Austin, TX and in Lethbridge, Canada.

This week, Heaven Hill’s very own Jeff Crowe went live on social media to share more about the process. We invite you to watch the video above and learn all about these efforts.

Stay safe out there, American Whiskey fans. Together, we will get through this.


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