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Our Rickhouses and Their Stories

Whether made of stone, brick or wood, all rickhouses serve the purpose of protecting whiskey as it ages. But, everything from location and exposure to building design and materials will affect the whiskey aging within. Heaven Hill’s current roster of 57 rickhouses provide a snapshot of our company’s constant experimentation with rickhouse design since the […]

The Life of a Whiskey Barrel

Over its lifespan, a whiskey barrel will be touched by many different pairs of hands. There are the coopers who form and shape the wood into barrels, the distillers who fill them with whiskey and the teams who place them to age in our rickhouses. As time passes, there are experts who monitor temperature changes […]

Close Up: The All-Important Rickhouse

For centuries, American distillers have aged whiskey in warehouses with styles ranging from converted barns to ornate, custom-built brick buildings. But as the whiskey industry in America began to grow, the warehouses became increasingly simple: austere, wood-frame structures with corrugated metal sides and roofs, filled with basic ricks that hold stacks of barrels. The shift […]

There’s A Lot of Life Left in that Barrel…

When Heaven Hill Distillery is done using a Bourbon barrel, the life of that barrel has only begun By Mike Smith, Brewery Educator for Goose Island Beer Company When a distillery is done using a Bourbon barrel, the life of that barrel has only begun. Bourbon barrels are frequently used to age other spirits from […]

Our Barrels: How They’re Made

A DEEP DIVE INTO THE MIGHTY OAK BARREL In an age of next-day shipping and lightweight cardboard boxes, it’s tough to imagine a heavy wooden barrel serving the same purpose it did centuries ago. Back then, barrels were all-purpose containers for storing and transporting nearly anything, but when spirits makers realized they were ideal for […]

Meet The Coopers Behind Our Barrels

OUR BARRELS AND THE FAMILIES WHO MAKE THEM Bonds Stronger Than Oak Barrel making, like whiskey distilling, requires hands-on knowledge, dedication to a time-honored craft, and producers who strive for perfection. For many years, two of the cooperages Heaven Hill Distillery has shared that passion with are: Independent Stave Co. of Lebanon, MO and McGinnis […]

Grain To Glass Website Now Live

Premium whiskey is never just premium whiskey. It’s generations of history. It’s passionate people. It’s the story of trial, error, success, failure, and journey, and understanding every step

The Farmer’s Story

In 1964, Bourbon was declared “America’s Native Spirit” because of its long tradition and deep-rooted legacy in the country. It’s a legacy that stemmed from America’s earliest farmers, and it’s a

The 3 Families Behind Grain To Glass

The phrase, “family business,” evokes a broad range of meanings: pride in heritage, dedication to a longstanding craft, and the adherence to core values that direct how the business, and the family behind it, operate.

Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month

It’s time to celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month. Some may say this liquid treasure is undeserving of such recognition, but with open ears, they eventually understand its deep-rooted significance in American history.

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