In 1964, Bourbon was declared “America’s Native Spirit” because of its long tradition and deep-rooted legacy in the country. It’s a legacy that stemmed from America’s earliest farmers, and it’s a tradition that is carried on today by America’s modern farming families.

Family is at the center of the farming industry, where skills, responsibilities, and passions are passed down from generation to generation. Contracts are replaced with handshakes and purchase orders are replaced with phone calls. It’s a tradition that’s been around since America’s earliest days, and today some of those farming families are right here in Kentucky, like the Petersons, who we recently partnered with on our Grain to Glass Project.

They’re just one family of farmers we continue to work with to source the best grains, but their love and interest in grain production is reflected in farmers throughout the country.

It takes hard work, care, and passion to produce crops that millions of people will consume. Farmers experiment with artificial selection, cross-pollination, and the latest technologies to harvest the best grains possible.

They monitor and adjust everything from soil temperature to wind direction in order to harvest healthy crops. Days are spent trimming, watering, warding off pests, and maintaining consistent soil moisture and temperature.

Then comes harvesting, packing, and transporting. Harvesting too early or too late is the difference between grain that can produce a quality Bourbon and grain that can’t be used.

Quality Bourbon starts with quality grains, and quality grains start with passionate, dedicated, and smart-working farmers. The farmers we work with are a crucial stop along the path to world-class Bourbon, and they all have a fascinating story.

Check out the above video to see what it takes to yield quality crops, then toast your next drink to the farmers who devote their lives to growing and harvesting the world’s grains.


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