Grab your phone and you favorite bottles. It’s time to do some tasting.

For decades, Heaven Hill Distillery has believed in the importance of educating our fans through high-quality whiskey tastings. Our two visitors centers — the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown and the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in downtown Louisville — offer a wide variety of whiskey tastings and educational seminars. We host official tasting events during industry celebrations like the Kentucky Bourbon Affair, and through our Heaven Hill Distillery ambassadors, we verse Bourbon fans around the world in the finer points of American Whiskey.

So, we came up with a way to share our approach to whiskey tastings and make it available to everyone. How to Enjoy Our American Whiskey is a customizable, interactive tasting experience you can access from your smartphone or computer. It’s designed to guide you through the whole process, whether you’re at home with a group of friends, your favorite well-stocked Bourbon bar, or with your local whiskey society. It features both pre-selected and customizable flights, tasting notes on each whiskey, plus a full collection of tips on how to fully experience each sip. We’ve included a personalized tasting journal where you can keep track of your notes and save them to reference any time you like.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about the difference in flavor between a wheated Bourbon and a traditional rye mashbill or you want to compare the impact of the aging process, we invite you to grab your phone and a few glasses. Let’s get tasting.

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