Unravelling the Mystery & History of Rickhouses

This year’s Kentucky Bourbon Affair featured a special event hosted by Heaven Hill; Bluegrass Terroir: The Mystery & History of Heaven Hill’s Rickhouses.

Fortunate whiskey-lovers rode alongside historian and author Michael Veach and Master Distiller Denny Potter. As they traveled to 3 of our historic rickhouses, Veach pulled back the curtain on the complex construction and heritage of these massive structures.

While stopping at the Schenley and Deatsville rickhouse sites, participants were able to thieve a sample of whiskey directly from the barrel as Denny shed light on the variance in flavors and qualities derived from each location. Participants also enjoyed a unique experience getting to eat lunch inside the center aisle of our newest rickhouse at Cox’s Creek.

Before the day was over, visitors crafted their own personal Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon from a selection of different aged whiskeys to take home and enjoy, along with samples of barrel proof whiskey from each rickhouse location visited. It was most certainly an affair to remember.

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